Drop Acid by Dipping your stick! Live Alkaline in an Acidic World! Look & feel your best!
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Easy to Use✨ Drop in any container. Save $... Last 6 months!💦 Increases pH/alkaline while cleaning out lead, arsenic, chlorine, from tap water!   👱🐶  All will enjoy the taste !

Easy to Use✨ Drop in any container. Save $... Last 6 months!💦 Increases pH/alkaline while cleaning out lead, arsenic, chlorine, from tap water! 👱🐶 All will enjoy the taste !


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We here at pH Healthy are proud to offer this alkalizing product to our clients!

It is so easy to use, great priced, easy to carry, saves tons of 💵 and gives great tasting non toxic drinking water!   

Technology at it's finest!  💦Go Pure Pod brings great tasting pH balanced water and cleans your tap water of most contaminates 💀 like arsenic, chlorine, and lead to name a few!  

For the kids, office, pets 🐶 , sports, the gym...........you name it and Go Pure Pod is right there with you giving you a refreshing drink of clean water! Hydration is a vital key to being and staying healthy!

GoPure’s porous ceramic absorbs impurities and releases trace minerals to alkaline and balance the pH levels. It uses an all-natural, fine-grain rock (Diatomite) does the filtering out. 🔷 Diatomite has been found in the earth's water for thousands of years!





The GoPure Pod is changing the way the world drinks 💧water by continually purifying, alkalizing and enhancing your water on-the-go ensuring clean, healthy, great tasting water. Just drop the GoPure Pod into any bottle, pitcher, glass, or coffee maker..

  • Materials: Diatomite, ceramic, and polypropylene
  • Care: Rinse before first use and weekly thereafter
  • Includes clear travel vial and attached carabiner clip
  • Highly-porous ceramic made from food-grade minerals
  • Attracts and absorbs impurities such as lead, arsenic, and chlorine
  • Balances water pH, alkalinity, and releases valuable trace minerals
  • Minerals help to improve water taste
  • Great for personal water bottles, canteens, hydration packs, pitchers, coffee makers, water coolers, and RV/boat reservoirs
  • Remains effective for 6 months of use (or about 2,000 bottle refills/264 gallons) and should be replaced every 6 months
  • Please note: The GoPure pod is only suitable for enhancing potable water, which has already been prepared and supplied as drinking water
  • Made in Ireland and the USA
  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 0.5" diameter
  • Weight: 0.14 lb.

2018 🌟 is the year of Truth and change as you are seeing in the food and water industry.   It will be the year that you see more and more organics, non GMO foods and trusted companies finally giving us the choice to eat clean and healthy with their own organic, GMO free, Non Gluten lines. 

Water is so important to our health and our families health.  Hydration is 🔑key for overall top body function and cleansing. 

This wonderful innovation fits right it with our busy lifestyle and desire to give ourselves and our families the best; optimal health!  This truly is a game changer and there are no more excuses!   Make the GoPure Pod a part of your families routine, bring it with your where ever you go......get your water clean and balanced with a good pH that provides the essential minerals too!

 (Go Pure Pod Video)

Q&A from answered directly by Go Pure ~

These are some of Go Pure Pods excited clients ~


8/11/2017 by Ruth

I live in a rural area and get my water from a well that is chock - full of minerals. It is safe to drink, but tastes awful 


11/12/2017 by Steven Simons

The water Purification Pod works great for me. Our well water has always tasted like some ones old used sock! We have a purification system installed


pH Healthy has a mission to get people aware of living a clean low acid lifestyle and although we have no claims or owner interest in GoPure Pods we believe this product is a great way to help people on their journey to a better life in optimal health. 

Our main design in which we own; Health Tracking kit  & lifestyle is focused on pH (acid/alkaline) awareness and we will bring products like the GoPure Pods into our family so you. our friends can benefit!

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