Drop Acid by Dipping your stick! Live Alkaline in an Acidic World! Look & feel your best!
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Quick & Easy to Use! Organic Quality Greens gives you Balanced pH, 💣 High Energy, Focus while you Look & Feel your Best ✨<div class="powr-countdown-timer" id="738ca968_1537894515"></div>

Quick & Easy to Use! Organic Quality Greens gives you Balanced pH, 💣 High Energy, Focus while you Look & Feel your Best ✨


To perform your best in everything you do each day; your mind and body must be fed superior foods.  You must have 💦 Alkaline/Acid Balanced to a pH level of 7.3. Plain & Simple (Yes it really is).

With OrganiGreens, In Just Seconds ⚡ a Day you can change:

  • How you Feel   

  • Your Stress       

  • Your Focus      

  • Your Energy Level  

  • Aches and Pains     

  • How you Look 

just by taking Your Daily Nutrition to the
Highest Level (and we mean the HIGHEST)… OrganiGreens

(no juicers or blenders needed)

In Just Seconds ⚡ a Day by drinking Alkaline OrganiGreens you can change your health and life! It will be undescribably how you feel when your body acid 💢 gets lowered and your pH levels are balanced!

OrganiGreens had you in mind when they developed this Superior Green Drink!  Not only is it Organic Certified, their 71 (yes 71) ingredients are certified for potency, that means your body is absorbing all of the ✨ vitamins and nutrients.   This is Huge!  Many drinks cannot say this which means you are not getting the vitamins and nutrients that you think!

These alkalizing organic low acid foods do another amazing benefit for your health and body!  They lower your high acid level, balancing your pH which helps your body fight chronic illness and has you perform like you want and need!   WOW!!!!!



  • No Juicer Needed!

  • Alkalizing Fermented Juice; not dehydrated vegetables

  • Certified Organic & Potency of Ingredients!

  • Superior Quality, Great Taste!

  • Quick & No Mess! Great Price!

  • Game Changer of Green Drinks!

  • Gives your body full absorption of vitamins and minerals! 

The Benefits of Alkaline Fermented Foods 🍅!


Increased enzyme content helps you absorb nutrients, reducing the need for vitamins and supplements.



These good bacteria help restore balance in the gut and aid digestion and immune health


The lacto-fermentation process stores food longer than canning without depleting nutrients.


The fermentation process increases the nutritional value by enriching certain nutrients.


The lactic acid created during fermentation process kills E. coli, making it safer to consume than raw vegetables


OrganiGreens is Superior Over it's Competitor Green Drinks simply because:

  • More nutrient dense than juicing & other green drinks.

  • Alkalines the body; lowering acid which improves all round health!

  • 71 of the healthiest veggies, fruits, herbs, spices, mushrooms, and seeds!

  • All ingredients juiced prior to freeze-drying which keeps nutrients intact.

  • Organic and fermented botanical blend maximizes your intake of nutrients.

  • PLUS 17 different essential enzymes, and powerful probiotics.

(Verified Comments From Organixx)

Customer Review


I liked the product it’s very concentrated as juice , is more like smoothie but I like it and I will recommend it to anyone.

Mami nsimba

Good quality product

I love this product. It seems to have everything your body needs, including 
adrenal support herbs, which I need. I am always looking for good quality green powders, and this one will be on my list.

Rosanna Young
Organics greens

Overall, very good product. However, I do not like the Stevia in it, and makes it too sweet. I would prefer an option of buying it without the Stevia.


Love it!

My husband and I enjoy our OrganiGreens every morning and feel so much energy and vitality afterward. It is the best supplement to our plant based diet that we have ever found.

 Linda Mikels

Taste good makes me feel good

william cleary


OrganiGreens is the way to juice without the mess and the cost. It tastes great, it’s good for you and you get so many high quality organic ingredients in this product. 

Mike Stansell

The best tasting green juice.

By far the best tasting green juice loaded with everything you need including fermented foods. Love the taste so easy to incorporate into smoothies or drink by itself.

Brenda Harrold


Helping me regulate some things for sure! Happy with my morning greens.

Brandy VanEaton

photographer and framer

Full of wonderful nutrients and tastes great! I have a scoop every morning.

Paula Swartz
Love this product

My husband and I take this every day to enhance her health. I’ve been feeling great with more of a spark and my husband who is almost 70 has the energy of a 20-year-old. He just shoveled the whole driveway after our big snowstorm here in the south

Sharon Ward

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