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Direct Individual Consultant Starter Set

Direct Individual Consultant Starter Set


Many of us really have a niche, talent or enjoy one or two things in particularly; same holds true in the regards of people in business.   Some really enjoy going to trade shows and meeting with people, others like to hit the pavement and talk to individuals while others like to host home parties and have some cozy fun. 

We want you to figure out what you like to do best and go and do it!  We have not structured pHHealthy as an MLM with an incredible buy in, monthly fee or building a tree under you, followed by a huge Do and Don’t List.   We require that you carry disclaimers on your promotional materials and have it approved.   Upon approval, you have the freedom to do what it is you do best! 

We can structure you as a Direct Wholesaler Consultant who sells large quantity such as cases and pallets or as a Direct Individual who sells to individuals.

Direct Wholesalers Consultants might want to have Fundraisers, Sell to Stores or Distributors; while Direct Individual Consultants might want to have weekly home parties, tables at church bazaars or community meetings. 

Whichever way you choose we will be there every step of the way to guide you and brainstorm ideas with you. This is your business now to be creative with and take it to whatever goals you personally have.    We provide coaching to get you up and running along with templates of forms to customize as your own!  This is fun and having someone helping you makes it even better.

It’s an old saying that is very true; you cannot convince another to believe in something if you don’t show you believe in it yourself.   With that said we need for each Consultant to have a Starter Set which includes for yourself a Health Tracking Kit with a pH Healthy Lifestyle Digital Book for you to implement and learn.   As well as the Naturally Squeeky Clean Non-Toxic Personal and Household Products to use and keep for demonstrations and such....


Direct Individual Consultants will need a starter set at a cost of: $450.00


This will give you 2 Health Tracking Kits, 3 pHHealthy T-Shirts and Business Cards with your codes to give your clients for their discounting as well as for your commission tracking.  This will also give you our Quality Non-Toxic Products under Naturally Squeeky Clean many made with Alkaline Ingredients: 

  • Natural Magnesium Spray
  • Natural Soap Bars: Spinach & Olive Leaf, Carrot & Orange, Stud Scrubs & Pure & Gentle Bar
  • Non-Toxic Multi-Purpose Household Cleaner
  • Set of 4 Soap Bombs
  • Shaving Set
  • Beard Oil
  • Soap Dish
  • Founder Book
  • Himalayan Salt Bar
  • Aloe & Cocoa Body Lotion
  • Facial Serum

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