Drop Acid by Dipping your stick! Live Alkaline in an Acidic World! Look & feel your best!
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Buy 1 Get 1  Intro Offer! ✨Next #1 Healthiest Secret Revealed! Quick & Easy! ✨It's what Doctor's don't tell you! 3 steps to get back to looking 👀 & feeling your best! Instantly get accurate Health Scores for pH (acid/alkaline). Clinical urine strips!

Buy 1 Get 1 Intro Offer! ✨Next #1 Healthiest Secret Revealed! Quick & Easy! ✨It's what Doctor's don't tell you! 3 steps to get back to looking 👀 & feeling your best! Instantly get accurate Health Scores for pH (acid/alkaline). Clinical urine strips!

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       Easy step by step Digital Book with Instant Home Test Kit        (2 bottles over 100 ph/alkaline and 60 Glucose urinalysis test strips to use right at home, Instant Accurate Results!)

(1 Time Only Offer! BOGO ✨Order Now & Get 2nd Kit FREE for a friend or family)

Secret that we are not told and now know is that we must balance the alkalinity in our body and lower our acidic levels to look, feel and live our healthiest! 

Testing then maintaining a pH balance of 7.3 is ideal. Your health is Priceless!

No more guessing on how to follow the alkaline lifestyle. Step by step...Dropping Acid is in the bag with everything you need to feel and look your best...

Jump Start Getting Your Body Alkaline so you can start feeling and looking your best again!

pH Healthy Gal 👱 Emmy D, Certified IIN W.C, Author, Host & Survivor learned; High Acid is the underlying factor of aging, looking & feeling bad as well as illnesses and all their horrible painful symptoms.  

 Feel & Look your Best! 

                       Say Goodbye to .....................

Low Energy & Focus

Weight Struggle


Digestive issues

Mood swings

Sleep Issues

         Disease & more         


SEE Tony Robbins explain why acid is the culprit to weight issues and bad health and why Alkalinity is the key to your best life!

  Q: Why do the Professional & Celebrities measure their acidic levels and follow a alkaline/pH Healthy lifestyle? Why do my body acidic levels matter? 

Professionals and Celebrities know that high body acid is the underlying source of many things gone wrong, so they test and manage it regularly as they live a balance alkaline pH Healthy Lifestyle.      When your body has high acidic levels (pH & Glucose) it is the culprit for weight struggles, bad skin, low energy, moodiness, aches, pains, digestive issues and more. Constant higher acidic levels will result in disease. Ailments and symptoms will take away from your quality of life and Disease will alter life from inconveniences, pain, suffering to loss of life.                You're probably thinking all of this comes from genetics, age, personality when actually it stems from lifestyle, habits and stress that make body acidic high and alkaline too low.

This secret is A Game Changer.......that you no longer can live without!

  Q: How do I get my acidic levels checked? 

Outside of going to your doctor for blood work (if your insurance will even allow) the Health Tracking Kit provides 1-2-3 Instant Clinical results at home.  Doctors alone anymore are not enough to prevent ailments, symptoms, & disease. You will be able to test both pH & Glucose levels first thing in the morning.  After you pee in the cup provided and take the 2 strips (pH & Glucose) and dip them in the cup of urine you will wait several minutes and compare them to the color charts on each bottle.  Each color has a number range beneath it indicating high, balanced or low readings. One bottle is Glucose, giving a positive negative read.  The other is pH for Alkaline/Acid level reading.

Q: Besides disease prevention; does low acidic (pH Healthy) body levels have any health or physical benefits? 

Yes, Many!  Weight Loss, Reduced aches & pains, Higher Energy, Better Sleep, Look & Feel Great to name just a few...Studies have shown when a person is feeling and performing their best they have great relationships, good self esteem, more focus and achieve financial stability. This is contributed to managing and maintaining Alkaline/Acidic levels of a pH that is 7.3, living the pH Healthy Lifestyle.

Q:What do I do after I test and my levels are high? 

Don't panic first of all.   Health Tracking Kit is an All in One; along with months of test strips, an Easy to follow pH Healthy Lifestyle book is included in Digital Form so you can read anywhere.  In baby steps you will use the solutions from the digital book where you know you can improve and adopt new lifestyle habits of lower acid and balancing alkaline.  This can range from reducing acidic drinks by adding more water to you daily routine to getting control on your spending habits.  Discovery of items in your lifestyle that is contributing to high acidic levels will be uncovered and you will learn new habits and routines to replace the old unhealthy ones.  (Coaching from the pH Healthy gal is available to those who wish to master pH Healthy Living, although not at all necessary to achieve forever lifestyle results). If you find you still are having high acid levels, a further Doctor evaluation is recommended. 

  Q: What does Designed by Survivor; Inspired by Nobel Prize Winner mean?

After being diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer and being told it was environmental (I did not test positive and it is not in my family history) I was scared that it may come back.  After years of research and becoming Certified as a Health Coach; I related with and accepted Dr. Otto Warburg's Nobel Prize Winner findings that an oxygen deprived body (high acidic) is an environment in which deadly disease (such as cancer) will live and thrive.  Plain and simple I had to alkaline and keep my body at a balance of 7.3 pH.    So I learned through the years all that it would take to bring my body to a low acidic level and manage it to stay there through lifestyle changes such as mindset, diet, relationships, outlook, exercise and more.  By keeping my body clean and at a low acidic pH balance of 7.3 I would be following Dr. Otto Warburg's theory and therefore would not be giving disease an environment to live in.  Plain and simple.                      
Q: Can I have my child use this?

Absolutely!  With childhood obesity and diseases on the rise you will be showing your child how to live a lifestyle that is forever healthy, not just a fad.  The HTK is a tool that they will be able to use for life to manage and measure their health while preventing diseases.        

Q: Why is the Health Tracking Kit better than basic Litmus strips?

 Through years of trial and error I found Litmus strips become compromised with results I could not trust as soon as you open their packet & most come with very little direction on low acid living & benefits.  USA Made HTK pH & Glucose test strip bottles are dark, waterproof with tight seals so results are not compromised, bottles come in a tight locked waterproof case.....both of these bring you accurate results.

Q: How & When do I use it?  Does it take long? 

Step 1 Download Digital Book then First thing in morning, pee in cup, dip in sticks, read results within 3 mins.  Refer to the Digital Book to give you tips and strategies that you can adopt into your lifestyle.  As you practice these strategies each day your readings will start to improve.  Depending upon the levels of your acidic your results may vary and some will get their balance of 7.3/7.5 quicker than others.  This is a lifestyle change so be patient with yourself and as I have designed this pH Healthy lifestyle, take it in steps.    You will get your levels balanced if you follow through on the items you need to change.  For those who are unable to get their pH levels balanced or Glucose read is not a negative, get yourself to your doctor for further testing.  The health tracking kit is an educational tool of disease prevention so when levels are not returning to normal or Glucose is a constant positive read (not negative) you need an appointment with your doctor.  A positive read on the Glucose test strip indicates Glucose is in urine.         

 So Many Benefits and Reliefs from Low Acid Living!  See Now!                                                                                

~ Designed by a Stage 3 Cancer Survivor,

Inspired by Dr. Otto Warburg; Nobel Prize Winner ~

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Unsure if Your Body is Loaded with Acid Causing Symptoms, Ailments & Disease? Unsure how low your alkaline is?  Need to balance pH?
  • Feel lousy everyday and know you no longer look and feel your best?
  • Need to see how BAD (or good) your health is?
  • Are you someone who cannot afford to be sick?
  • Are you tired of dieting and you barely lose weight only to become exhausted?
  • Do you want your energy, focus, deep sleep and good digestion back?
  • Do you want instant clinical results so you can get control over your health now?
  • Searching for overall wellness for yourself and your family?
  • Would you like to measure & manage important Acid and get rid of what ails you?

It's Time to make your Health Great Again! 

 3 Easy Steps!   

                      See Why the HTK is the best quality test kit on the market, giving accurate results of Alkaline/Acid and Glucose!

Like Never Before; Secret of the Celebrities is Yours! Get Rid of looking and feeling miserable and get results that you can See, Manage And Measure Acid/Alkaline and get pH to 7.3!

  • Instant Results at Home get you started immediately. No Guessing What to Do.
  • Get your body back to feeling and looking its best and say Good bye to all the aches and pains, bad digestion, stubborn weight and all you have been fighting with!
  • In 3 Easy Steps: Feel and look your best ever, True health, not a Fad Diet!
  • Designed by a Cancer Survivor; quality USA made test strips in dark, waterproof, and tight lid bottles; giving uncompromising results...all in a sturdy secure kit that fits in a drawer or shelve. Easy to follow Digital Download PDF, to read anywhere!
  • Like the Pro's...Get Rid of Bad Health; Get Low Acid, Clean & Healthy Living 
  • Low Carb, Low Sugar and Good Protein Sources wrapped in one!
  • Maintain True Wellness Inside and Outside
  • Overall Balancing to each part of your life
  • Finally live and understand what Optimal Health Really Is Like Everyday!
  • HEALTH TRACKING KIT – THE MISSING LINK BETWEEN INNER & OUTER HEALTH – Measuring Your Health Regularly along with your exercise program is the path to Optimal Health
  • 1-2-3 EASILY TRACK, MEASURE & MANAGE RIGHT AT HOME – Your Important pH & Glucose levels. Take Care Of Your Health like the Professionals Do.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR LEVEL OF FITNESS – Whether you have been exercising for years or looking to start one; The Health Tracking Kit COMPLETES all programs such as; Walking with the Fitbit, Zumba, Running, Yoga or Weightlifting.
  • DIGITAL DOWNLOAD BOOK THAT YOU CAN READ ON ANY DEVICE IS INCLUDED – Gives a better understand of the importance of Ph & glucose levels. Author and Survivor Emilie De Angelo; Certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition has designed Ph Healthy to be Easy & Fun to follow with links & Recipes.
  • BEST FOR YOUR BODY – Weighing Yourself on a Scale or Being at a “Good Weight” does not tell you your Health; Measuring Body Levels Does. Give Yourself the Peace of Mind.
  • FAMOUS DR. WARBURG SAID – That stabilization of Ph levels creates a body that disease cannot anchor itself in which may bring your body into peak performance. Optimal Health and Wellness can be achieved with a well-balanced lifestyle.
  • MADE IN THE USA – Drawer size Plastic Kit with Secure Easy to Use Latches contains Dark Secured Bottles to Keep Your Test Strips in the best environment to assure accurate results! Over 140 Test strips – Product Guarantee – We will Replace Without Question!

Dori  ~   

"I am the worse for change and trying new things, I knew I had to do something and this is it.....Easy to understand and it did not take me long to get to the balance.  My blood work with my Doctor has been better too. "  I feel so much better and lost weight......

Mrs. D ~ 

 "Being older I did not want anything hard to do.  Now my health is like it was meant to be.....my best!

Stephanie ~  

  I bought this at a health show for my dad and he thought it was great and his health is better......we are all using it now and our family is eating much better, feeling better with more energy.....new things to learn but being able to see each day our results pushes us to do our best.  It is a great kit.

Nina ~ 

HTK is such a great tool and easy to use. A couple of months ago when I tested my pH it was 6.5 (not good) and Glucose was negative.  So I read the book and changed some of my lifestyle habits and soon after I am able to get a balance reading of 7.3/7.5.  I feel a lot better and having the kit to use right at home keeps me motivated!  Thank you its a lifesaver!

Kim B ~ 

Thank you so much for making it so easy for me to check my inner health. Since I had been a full-time caregiver for my 88 year old Dad who had Alzheimer's  – I have been afraid that caregiver syndrome had damaged my health. I didn’t even want to see a doctor. I got your kit and was so relieved to learn that I was not in too bad of shape – I was actually pretty healthy. What peace of mind. Now I am less stressed and enjoying more exercise and eating better. All this because I can measure my health daily and see instant results.

Rick D ~ 

When I don’t follow an alkaline diet it really affects my every day function.  It gives me to do my exhausting physical job the ability to do it with much less effort.   The water and greens make such a noticeable difference in my life.  I feel eating and living this way has dropped my PSA and kept me from having a biopsy.  My doctor’s jaw dropped that all my levels are now within normal limits!




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