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"Tame The Man Hedge"

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Has your efforts at "No Shave November" scared away your family and friends? Does that fur on your face feel dry and brittle? Then it is time to "Tame That Man Hedge" !

One thing I have noticed over the last few years is that men have been trying new styles with their facial hair just like the hair on top of their heads. The fashion world has said beards are a part of the new "metrosexual" and are their own classification, "lumbersexual". So whether this fits you and your lip foliage or you are just a "Whiskered Warrior" by your own rights, one thing that seems to be lacking for the average fuzz monster is the knowledge on how to keep that beastly beard healthy! 

Beard health starts inside the body with a desired PH level of 7.3 meaning your acids and alkalines are in sync and balanced. This healthy PH wards off chances for diseases and other funky stuff to take hold in your body and cause that manly mane to become sick and unruly.(Yes, hair can get sick too!) You can learn more about PH Health and it's importance for you and your family at www.phhealthy.com  But in keeping with the fur story, read on.....

Beard oil has been around since the beginning of time, literally, but in ways we have forgotten about or improved on. In Ancient Mesopotamia, sesame seed oil is believed to have been the key oil while in Greece it was olive oil or castor oil and for the Native American Indians, grape seed oil and sweet almond they extracted themselves to keep their crumb catchers soft in the extreme temperatures they endured. Nowadays we have improved on these old tinctures to make sure that not only the beard stays hydrated but so does the skin below the hair. No more scraggles, dust or flakes.

Using a 100% pure and natural beard oil will ensure that it will soak in quickly so you'll be looking well maintained with a beard that is soft and tamed. Naturally Squeeky Clean Beard Oil will keep your "Manly Beard Manly, Without Smelling Like a Girl". 

So now it's time to "Tame the Man Hedge" and get out their and show your chin curtain off for all to see! 


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